Anton Goudsmit's Ton petit ft. Mete Erker @ GÂRDEN LIVE STREAMS

Tuesday 06 June 2023 20:00 - 20:40
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Anton Goudsmit's Ton Petit ft. Mete Erker (NL) - GÂRDEN (

Embark on a sensational interactive livestream with GÂRDEN: Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit ft. Mete Erker.

Experience an extraordinary musical fusion as Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit collides with GÂRDEN’s visual art in a one-of-a-kind livestream. Anton Goudsmit, an Amsterdam-based guitarist known for his boundless creativity, will take centre stage, captivating you with his astonishing guitar playing and vibrant personality. With every performance, Anton effortlessly creates a whirlwind of excitement and leaves both the audience and his fellow musicians in awe. Anton’s mesmerising guitar skills and vibrant persona will take you on a journey of wonders, accompanied by bassist Sean Fasciani and drummer Tim Hennekes, creating boundary-pushing soundscapes.

Joining this exceptional ensemble is saxophonist Mete Erker, whose heartfelt and intuitive playing adds a lyrical dimension to the music. Mete is a master of collaboration, effortlessly finding the space for his passionate improvisations to flourish, enhancing the overall sonic landscape.

Mete Erker adds a lyrical touch, while Sean Fasciani seamlessly merges with Anton’s music, showcasing their years of collaboration. Tim Hennekes, a drummer, not hindered by any technical boundaries, fearlessly explores new rhythms and melodies.

Together with GÂRDEN this multisensory experience will immerse you in a harmonious blend of music and visuals. Witness the co-creation of Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit through the creative expressions of GÂRDEN.

Don’t miss this groundbreaking livestream where artistic boundaries are shattered. Join us for an unforgettable experience with GÂRDEN and Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit ft. Mete Erker, and let your creativity soar. 

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