Montis, Goudsmit & Directie @ NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL R'dam

Sunday 09 July 2023 20:30 - 22:30
Rotterdam Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands


Montis, Goudsmit & Directie are the new darlings of the Dutch soul and jazz scene.  Astonishing audiences with their dazzling liveshows, the drum, guitar and hammond trio have toured extensively since their formation in. Whether at the North Sea Jazz Festival, de Zwarte Cross, and well known venues like Amstedam based Paradiso and Bimhuis, crowds have been energized by the infectious grooves and remarkable energy of the group. 

The trio's individual talents are impressive enough; however, in this case, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. The combination creates an explosive sound with an added element of versatility not often encountered in the jazz world. Montis, Goudsmit & Directie exhibit traces of funk, rock,sensitive balladry and a witty approach to a genre usually lacking in humor. 

Drummer Cyril Directie is the engine of the band and his charismatic persona comes across loud and clear in performances and recordings.   He has made a name for himself touring all over the world with the crème de la crème of the Dutch music scene..

  Frank Montis turns the Hammond organ into the perfect instrument to enhance the soul, jazz and rock sound of M G & D. Equally adept at slow grooves and frenetic solos, Montis lives up to his reputation as one of the grand masters of the hammond in Europe.

The icing on the cake is guitarist Anton Goudsmit. Hailed as vibrant, idiosyncratic, and unique, Goudsmit delivers another huge dose of energy to the trio. He dives into the groove with an intensity and abandon that sweeps audiences off their feet  - or sweeps them on to their feet.

Montis, Goudsmit & Directie have truly developed their own unique sound that is captured in all its enormous power on their initial full length album "Taste of Culture" . Their new Album "RootUp" will soon be released. 

Frank Montis, hammond 

Anton Goudsmit, gitaar 

Cyril Directie, drums