Anton Goudsmit's Ton petit @ REDLIGHT JAZZ A'DAM

Saturday 10 June 2023 20:00 - 20:50
Stichting Tenclub, Nes 116, 1012 KE Amsterdam, Netherlands


Red Light Jazz presentsAntonGoudsmit’s Ton petit +

Anythingbut boring, is what can be said about guitarist Anton Goudsmit, who has managed to survive 3 decades of Jazz with his adventurous playing and thrilling stage presence. 

Tonpetit' is a very creative and entertaining jazztrio with Sean Fasciani on bassguitar and  Tim hennekes ondrums. 

The American bassist Sean Faciani is one of the most sought after bassists in The Netherlands and played with the top of the intternational jazz like  Lage Lund, Reinier Baas en Caro Emerald. Drummer Tim Hennekes is a rising star who is making name for himself with his never-ending energy and world-class technique.

They've released their first album named 'Ton petit in 2021 and a new album is in the make.. 

No dull moment!